How To Get Your Skin Ready For Fall

The fall season is here and time to refresh your skin care routine. Not only does our skin need to repair the summer damage caused by sun and heat, but the drop in temperature also affects how our skin works. Before you up your glamour game with the fall trends, give your skin some love too. Here are a few tips to keep your skin glowing, hydrated and protected.

1. Feed. 

All those weeks in the sun and heat, even with SPF, leaves skin damaged. Hyper-pigmentation is heightened, skin dehydrated and free-radical damage is high. Did you know that UV light stimulates a free-radical cascade?  Our Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen protects against 100% of free-radical damage. Our brilliant Environ Intense C-Boost is clinically-proven to repair and reduce sun to improve the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

2. Fortify. 

If the skin on your face is feeling particularly dry it could be time to change your skin care routine.  It’s no longer a secret that regular exfoliation is key to glowing skin. UV dehydrates skin cells, so buff away dead skin cells for a smoother canvas and boost cellular regeneration. You won’t believe how smooth our Environ Clay Mask will leave your skin.  

3. Finish.

Now is the time to introduce a nourishing and restoring your day and night cream for something richer and longer lasting.  Your skin care demands change throughout the year so you may find that the face creams that helped you thrive through summer, may not be cutting as the fall draws into your routine. Environ Super Moisturizer is enriched with natural ingredients to replenish the skin's moisturizer leaving your skin soft and nourished.  

Let Skin Haus take you through our fall beauty tips to ensure your regime will cope with whatever the new season throws at you.  Book now for a complimentary consultation!