Make Summertime Sublime!

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If you’ve been feeling off or just plain tired, you’re not alone. Fortunately, summertime was made for unwinding and recuperating. Here are a few ideas for staying centered and serene this summer:

Open your windows

The refreshing breeze aside, opening your windows brings fresh air in and pushes stuffy indoor air out. Health experts advise cracking a window all year long, even in winter, to allow venting of “indoor air pollution” from cleaning products to mold spores.

Listen to the crickets

If your windows are open, you’ll have an easier chance hearing them! Psychologists have long studied the calming effect of organic sounds, from the pitter-pat of raindrops to the chirps of birds. Research indicates that listening to crickets or other natural noises can lower stress and improve your mood.

Fireflies and roses

What do these two wildly different life forms have in common? They are summertime sensations, bringing joy and serenity to all who notice them. The health benefits of deliberately slowing yourself down and taking it easy, from lowering your blood pressure to boosting serenity, remain uncontested. So stop and smell the roses at lunch, or take a moment to marvel at the fireflies this evening while cooking dinner. Little moments of tranquility can add up to a whole lot of happiness!

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