How often should I get a facial treatment and why?

Here at Skin Haus, we recommend that you come in every 2-4 weeks for optimal result. Our membership is designed to help you with based this.

What types of skincare treatments or procedures do you offer?

All of our treatments directly address common skincare concerns of all skin types depending on each client’s skin care goals and needs.  Our personalized facials and high-quality skincare combined with our innovative technology will help keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

Each treatment includes a skin analysis, deep cleanse combined with different exfoliations such as the Dermaplane, Diamond Infusion, and Peels, mask and SPF protection. To further enhance our treatments we apply Microcurrent, LED therapy and Oxygen Therapy.  

How can I maintain professional skincare results at home on a daily basis?

We know there is no "one size fits all." Maintaining healthy, youthful, radiant skin is a reflection of you.  Our wide range of professional skincare products are available for purchase.  To ensure the highest quality of customer service, we will personalize the products for you.  Our goal is to provide you with expert advice in maintaining your skin through healthier lifestyle choices, appropriate home care products and preventative skin care treatments. 

Which facial is right for me?

Each facial appointment begins with a complimentary skin care consultation focusing on your current health, activity level, diet and home care routine. Then our skin therapist’s will customize your facial based on your skincare goals and needs.  Your skin care therapist will educate you on the importance of skin care and offer the best home care regimen to follow.  

What is a “series” of facials and why is it recommended?

A series of facials is the best way to jump-start your skincare maintenance, especially if you’re looking for positive results, fast! Facial series are generally offered in a series of three or six. They are performed once a week for consecutive weeks and use a chemical exfoliation (AHA or BHA) such as lactic or salicylic acid. The exfoliation used will be determined by your skin therapist based on your skincare goals and history. Payment is paid in full at the beginning of your treatment.

Do men get facials too?

Absolutely!!!!! Facials are very beneficial for men too and can help reduce skin sensitivity from shaving as well as other concerns from lack of proper home skincare routines.  If you do suffer from sensitivity after shaving, it is recommended that you do not shave immediately before your facial, as this can lead to irritation.